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Thank you for visiting the site of my Chinese Medicine and Energy Healing Arts practice. I'd like to say a little bit about the work I do, and the clinic.  Maybe you know a lot about healing with acupuncture and Chinese medicine, or maybe you are brand new to this traditional medicine. Either way, you will likely find this information to be helpful. 

Every patient is unique, and so each appointment is geared towards that person's specific needs. Care is always one on one-- you are the only patient being treated during your appointment. This allows us to focus on you specifically, and to have an energetic environment that is private, relaxed and very conducive to healing. 

The style of acupuncture I practice is very gentle, yet effective. Minimal needling is involved, and it is a very comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable way to have acupuncture. We work with other elements of Chinese medicine as well as acupuncture-- dietary guidance and lifestyle modification (exercise, sleep, food, etc.), energetic massage to meridians (acupressure and tui na), energy healing (qigong, mainly) in the healing room and also in the form of patient education and instruction, and herbal medicine of Chinese Medicine tradition. We may use some of these or all of them, depending on your needs and desires, what you are comfortable with and what you prefer. 

Acupuncture is a type of "energy medicine."  It works with the energy system of the body (meridians, points) and treatment is chosen based upon very detailed and complex Chinese medicine evaluation and diagnosis of your state of health.


The goal of acupuncture is to restore flow and balance in the energy system, but this is also the goal of qi healing (medical qigong/qigong therapy), meditation and qigong self-practice, herbal medicine and all of the methods we use in the clinic. All are forms of "energy medicine" in that they directly work with the body's energy system, but all are also part of Chinese medicine, and, more and more merging into contemporary science and medicine of our time. This is an exciting time to be alive and practicing Chinese medicine, and doing healing work, when much research is being done and clinical evidence based medicine is beginning to include the arts of acupuncture and qigong more and more. 

My Grandmaster used to say that Chinese medicine is an art and a science. I agree with him, especially in our time of growing knowledge and rapid progression in understanding healing and the body. 

There is a great, great deal of research for decades now, being done on energy medicine, mind/body medicine, and acupuncture and herbs of Chinese Medicine.  The style I practice embraces the roots of Chinese medicine while at the same time, is very much at home in the world of contemporary medicine. 


The theory and understanding of Chinese medicine is, when energy (qi) is abundant in the body, and free flowing, circulating well, there is good health. The goal of Chinese medicine is to support the natural healing functions of the body. There are western medical explanations for how acupuncture is thought to work, and also there is the ancient way of understanding qi. Whether you refer to it as biophysical energy (modern) or qi (ancient), the explanations often coalesce and overlap, making sense of ancient medicine more and more as we go into the future of healing arts and medicine.

The most important aspect of our work here, is to give each patient individualized care, time and consideration to their unique situations, and focused attention to their healing needs. Also, patient education is very important, so we do a lot of that. You can ask questions and know you will get an answer that helps you in your healing process, and brings peace to your mind. 

Healing happens on many levels-- Body, mind, spirit and in the heart. People seek care for a variety of reasons, and all are welcome.  From the casual student of meditation to athletic body injuries, to the child with allergies, or the person who faces an oncology diagnosis,  all are welcome. All ages and states of health can benefit from Chinese medicine.

I look forward to helping you with your wellness and health, and meeting your health goals. 

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