We are all living in a challenging time right now with the SARS-CoV2 pandemic (Covid-19). Fortunately, we are doing the best in the country right now, here in Connecticut, at this writing, with less than 1% positivity rate (0.6 today) as I write this on July 28, 2020, and we all can keep up the good work and maintain social distancing, wearing of masks in public situations, wash our hands, don't touch our faces,  clean high touch areas at home frequently, (and the office and car), and restrict our travel away from home to high risk areas. There is a lot we can do, and this is encouraging. 

What you need to know and do before coming, and while here: 


1. You must wear a mask to your appointment. If you show up without one, I can give you one, which you MUST put on before you enter the building, and wear the entire time of your appointment. Please bring a cloth mask, though, do not forget. Masks are mandatory at ALL times in the building (including in the restroom and also the halls and stair passages). 

2. I will call you the day before your appointment to screen you with some questions, on the phone.  If you have any concerning signs or symptoms, you'll need to reschedule and contact your doctor. 

3.  The day of the appointment, I will meet you at your car (to be explained the day prior) and take your temperature with a no touch infrared thermometer, escort you in, wearing a mask as you are, and escort you to the restroom so you may wash your hands vigorously, before entering the clinic. You will be seated in the clinic, and then I also will wash my hands before entering. 

4. You will wear a mask the entire time of the appointment, but the office is very comfortable and you will be relaxed, and enjoy your treatment, and then pay with contactless payment, (credit card/debit card preferred, but check and cash are still accepted). You'll then go home feeling better... and have a great day. 

Precautions I am taking in the clinic: 

In the clinic, you are likely to meet me at this time, looking like this. I am wearing scrubs, which I change between each patient, nitrile gloves (non-allergenic for those with a latex allergy) and a KN95 mask and protective eyewear. I will greet you safely, and smile with my eyes and heart. 

This is for your protection, as well as mine. 

You can know that the clinic will be cleaned thoroughly between each patient, with table and high touch surfaces wiped down with EPA approved disinfectant, safe as possible. The products I use are natural as possible, while meeting CDC protocol and EPA standards for Covid-19 disinfection. (I use Seventh Generation Spray disinfectant, as well as isopropyl alcohol in other situations and for the bathrooms, various CDC approved cleaners).  


Clean paper will be placed on tables and surfaces for every patient, following disinfection between patients.  At ALL times, as in the past, of course, clean needle technique and clean practices will be used. 

Patients will be spaced apart by two hours right now. The style I practice is very individual to begin with, and so it lends itself naturally to a "one person in the clinic at a time," approach. 

An air filtration system will be running constantly from the start of the day until closing time, and of course, all through your session. 

I will wash my hands before seeing you, during and after. I will use gloves and hand sanitizer as needed. Contact will be minimal to keep you safe, which is actually something of a normal way in energy medicine, which is fortunate.  

*** These guidelines will be updated as we progress toward coming out of the pandemic, and things improve in our state and country (and World).  Thank you for your patience, and your kindness to others at this time. 

I appreciate all of you and together, we will stay well and healthy and strong. 

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