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Gentle approach acupuncture, with the highest quality single use needles available, for your comfort. Minimal needling techniques are used, for an effective and empowering,  yet gentle approach.  
Qi healing can be combined with acupuncture for the same fee. 
$130 - initial 
$100 - follow up  
Qi Healing and Qigong Therapy
Some people prefer a more focused approach of qi healing and instruction, no acupuncture.  Qi healing is an energy therapy that is the "root of Chinese medicine," being at least 5,000 years old. Gentle, peaceful and relaxing, qi healing works with mind, body and the subtle energy field of the person to restore balance in the energy field, and in the meridian system in the body. As such, appropriate acupoint "light touch" (sending energy) and acupressure is also often used. Instruction is provided so the patient can continue healing at home, as well as self-healing practices that are evidence-based yet from the healing art itself, such as meditation and mindful practices, qigong movement, personalized diet, etc.  
$130 - initial 
$100 - follow up
 New Service - Coaching and Instruction in Qigong Practice, Meditation, and Wellness with Qigong
I offer this service as a Qigong Instructor.
This can be done remotely (on phone and online downloads)
and/or in person.  The goal is to give you tools to use on your own to stay healthy and strong.  
This is not a clinical service, but an instructional one. It is instruction in qigong practices and guided meditations that are personally created for your own goals.  Anyone can do it. The beauty of this is, it can be done remotely with personal feedback. 
You will learn basic meditation skills and some very basic self healing practices of qigong that anyone can use to have better health. 
You'll receive guidance in real time (phone) and also a recorded meditation to use to guide you, which you can keep for personal use. 
Also, written instruction in points of practice to help you along the way. 
You'll learn classical practices, as well as several methods I have developed over the years, (simplified) similar to mind/body, guided visualization, visual motor rehearsal, etc.  
This is a very personalized, very unique and very solid program. 
You can do this distant program on its own, or as an addition to clinical work  (acupuncture, qi healing in the clinic).  It is separate from clinical work, and the intention is to provide instruction in meditation and qigong practice, for your well-being, fitness goals and health goals. 
The fee for this service is $100/hour initial session, and $80 for follow up.
All materials (handouts, recorded guided meditation, etc.) are included. 
For more information, please call - 203.997.5599