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Practitioner, Char Marie, wearing gloves and a medical mask and scrubs, for covid safety

As we are coming out of the COVID pandemic, we continue to take precautions in the clinic, to ensure the safety of all. 

Here are a few things I am doing, to keep things as safe as possible: 

- I am always wearing a mask and gloves, and practice clean needle technique, of course, as mandated by our profession. 

- All patients must wear a mask in the clinic, whether they are vaccinated or not, for the entire time they are in the clinic. 

- Temperature checks and screening before your appointment on the phone. 

- Although we are opening up more appointment times, I am still allowing adequate time between appointments for air filtration to turn over the air 3 times at least, (more than an hour between appointments). 

- Air filtration, with H13 (medical grade) air filter that is above the requirements for the room size. 

- Hand sanitizer is available always for patients and myself. 

- Bathrooms are cleaned between patients for high touch areas, soap, water, paper towels and spray disinfectant are available in the bathrooms. 

-Masks MUST be worn in the bathrooms, at all times, regardless of vaccine status. 

- All surfaces are cleaned, sanitized and all paper disposed of after each appointment. I use only paper on the table at this point, for your protection. 

As we come out of this pandemic, let's look out for each other, care for each other, and keep each other safe!    :) 

With a lighter heart, and a cautious and caring way, we can help each other be safe. My way of thinking is to protect others first, and this way we all are protected, and safer. Mask wearing is one of the best things you can do in this regard. 

Looking forward to all of us coming through this together, and healthy, happy and peaceful and with abundance, in all good things. 

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