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About the clinic... 

Welcome to my practice. I want to briefly say a little bit about the work I do here and how it can help you to be healthier and enjoy a better life. 

I practice Chinese medicine, meaning, acupuncture, herbal medicine, Chinese dietetics and lifestyle change coaching, and very unique to this practice, qigong and qigong healing. Qigong healing is similar to Reiki but a lot older, and forms the foundation of the classical Chinese healing arts, and Chinese medicine. I am also a qigong instructor, and if you like, I work with you to learn self-healing methods with qigong practice (meditation and self healing practices) to help you continue your healing work when you are out of the office, at home and in your life. 

In brief, the work we do here is quite empowering and allows you to receive acupuncture and herbal medicine care, but to take self healing practices and tools and lifestyle changes into your life to maintain good health. 

You can, of course, just receive straightforward treatment, or combination of methods we work with. Each person has their own personal preferences. 

In the clinic, we work together to customize a treatment plan and choose what methods we will work with to achieve our goals. 

The work is one on one, and you are the only patient seen while in the clinic. 

It is important to know that Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine and qigong are art and science. They are studied and documented in medical research, and more and more research is always being done on the effects of qigong practice and meditation, mind-body, acupuncture and herbs. As a practitioner, I keep informed and up to date on research, as well as study Chinese medicine from the perspective and in the context of western medicine, such as with neurologic acupuncture, a form of scalp acupuncture, and Chinese herbs and acupuncture used to support recovery in oncology patients, as well as the powerful effects of meditation on regulating the body and stress hormones, HPA axis, etc... and its effect on healing. This is important to know about our healing arts, because they truly are becoming more and more understood with every passing year, and, integrating into most every speciality in western medicine. 

I love the science, and I love the pure experience of Chinese medicine. Both have very important value, and you will come to appreciate this when you receive this kind of healing work, and integrate this medicine into your life. 

Chinese medicine works with the energy system of the body, to achieve balance and flow of qi (energy) and to correct imbalances when they do occur. It is more than 5,000 years old, and treats the root cause of the problem. It treats the person on every level, and is natural, safe when practiced properly, and works well with all forms of western medicine. Although we work with qi and talk about qi (or biophysical energy), many concepts overlap with western medicine.  We use herbs, acupuncture, acupressure, qi healing and diet to affect the movement and balance of qi. When qi is abundant and free flowing, the life force is moving and good health is the natural result. We work to achieve these goals. 

Acupuncture moves the qi with needles. Qigong moves the qi with the mind and movement, breathing and meditation. Qi healing in the clinic involves the practitioner working with no contact or very light touch to points on the body, to clear energy blocks and restore balance. It is an energy healing art that one can receive, or practice. It is peaceful and calming and quite empowering. 

Herbal medicine has the effect of balancing the qi, but also is pharmacologic, as all herbs (and food) are. I a proud to say that every year I stay informed of the most recent developments in herb and drug interactions. In our time, this is imperative in order to practice herbal medicine safely and with confidence, for the patient and practitioner, since many people are on western pharmacology to treat their health conditions, and various treatments (such as chemotherapy), surgeries, etc. where we constantly must consider the clinical scenario before using herbs.


The style of acupuncture I practice is very gentle, and involves minimal needling. Most often, the patient does not need to undress at all,  if they wear loose, comfortable clothes. The sensation is pleasant, relaxing and patients really enjoy it. You may fall asleep for a while and that is perfectly fine. The goal is for you to leave feeling better than when you came in. 


Some tips for a successful treatment: Come a little early, to facilitate relaxation. Don't eat heavily or drink alcohol before you come. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. After treatment, take a few minutes to relax at home before going about your day. Always feel free to bring questions, ask them, and feel free to call at any time if you ever have a question about your treatment or care. 

 All are welcome in my practice. I do specialize in hematology and oncology care and autoimmune diseases, and also see a wide variety of patients of all ages and states of health. If you'd like to inquire about treatments, or have any questions at all, feel free to call at 203.997.5599. 

Can you come if you just want wellness care, or to stay healthy with maintenance? Absolutely, yes. You do not need to be sick to use Chinese medicine. In fact, it's an excellent way of staying well and healthy. 

Thank you, and I look forward to working with you, your friends and family, too, to help you reach the best possible health.


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